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Meet Kirsten Dhar

Skinature is proud to be working with the expertise of clinician Kirsten Dhar on three of our standout product ranges.
The Goat's Milk Range and our forthcoming new products The Skinature Nurses Handcream and newly launching Mum-N-Tum Stretchmark Cream.
Kirsten Dhar, a member of the Academic Board of the Acupuncture Society, heads the department of Research and Development at the College of Chinese Medicine London and lectures ‘Anatomy & Physiology’, ‘Clinical Research for Practitioners’ and ‘Cosmetic Acupuncture & Anti-Ageing Treatments’, ‘Acupuncture in Science’ as well as various CPD courses and seminars. She had extensive training in various styles of facial acupuncture and developed her own system combining the most effective and comprehensive treatment methods.

After years as a Research Analyst for Pharmaceutical Companies with Goldman Sachs and Nomura and as senior executive at Mitsubishi Banking, Kirsten began studies in Biomedical Sciences, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Pharmacology at the College of Chinese Medicine and contracts for the AcuRegen Academy.

Kirsten is on the on the training list of NoCLoR, the North London Research Consortium (Department of Health) and an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine in the sections ‘Clinical Neurosciences’ and ‘Pharmaceutical Medicine and Research’.

Kirsten’s background is in Natural Sciences and TCM. Having spent time studying cellular signal transduction with an aim of conducting research into herbal substances and acupuncture in the treatment of cancer and HIV, she has taken up further studies in Forensic Science and Molecular Cell Biology. Kirsten also has a coaching background with techniques such as Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy and NLP.