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Moringa & Lemongrass Deodorant

Intensive Anti-Bacterial protection - nature's way.

Skinature's Moringa & Lemongrass Deodorant has been specifically formulated in response to growing consumer awareness and concern about the potentially harmful ingredients in the average commercial deodorant and to address the needs of those affected by cancer and others who may be vulnerable.

Employing the exceptional properties of the Moringa Seed as part of a plant compound combination this Skinature anti-odour formulation performs on two levels for optimum efficiency. Firstly: through its bactericidal action, reducing the growth of the microorganisms in perspiration that cause body odour, and secondly, facilitated by the exceptional detoxifying qualities of the Moringa oleifera extract, to capture odours.

This potent formula is clinically proven to work as powerfully as - or outperform - Triclosan - the leading synthetic ingredient in most commercial deodorants - for inhibiting bacterial growth.


Feedback to this new addition to the Skinature porfolio has been overwhelming and our deodorant is endorsed by cancer organisations, as a vitally needed safe and natural yet effective solution:


'I am very pleased to endorse Skinature products, because they are true to  our core beliefs that natural products are best for the bodies’ immune system. As a cancer survivor I am particularly excited about their new natural underarm deodorant which contains no PARABENS, which clinical studies suggest may be linked to oestrogen-led cancer.

Having tested it, I can honestly say it is an amazing product, it provides confident protection and smells fantastic.’


'We at Passionate Pink! feel that this is an excellent product and another step forward in the health and well being of all people touched by any cancer by a company that care.
If people read the ingredient lists in a 'typical' deodorant they would be horrified to learn of the carcinogenic nature of some of the ingredients, such as parabens, which are in almost all modern day deodorants, they have been found in breast cancer tumours - and phalates have been found in cancers generally. Another common deodorant  ingredient  is  aluminium which is very toxic. Most people simply don't realise that what you put onto your skin actually gets INTO your skin and into our blood streams.
As a person touched by cancer I welcome products of this kind and would highly recommend them to not only cancer  suffers/survivors but to everybody to reduce the risk to themselves.’

Pauline Giles - Founder, Bosombuddies UK   Debs Little - Founder, Passionate Pink!
Registered Charity No 1142527   NCVO Registration 13868