Skinature Tots - Bite Protection.

Enjoying nature is instinctive and little hands will want to explore!

Skinature aims to protect the health of all skin and those of the youngest are amongst the most vulnerable. Of course we can't wrap every little one in cotton wool but our Tots range of Bite protection does a pretty mighty job of it!

Developed with the same potency and effectiveness as the Adult Bite Protection range, the Tots Insect Repellent and Aftersun Gel both work with the bite defense and wound healing essential oil principles harnessing the repellent proerties of Lemongrass to ward off biting and stinging nasties, while Camomile and Aloevera effectively cool, calm and soothe any bites or aftersun flare-ups..

Without harm to nature or nature's creatures, Skinature is delighted to provide these two power formulas - available in travel and bathroom size - for gentle yet exceptionally effective skin protection without upsetting the balance of nature, to preserve your little one's outdoor joy and maintain your peace of mind.

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