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In the vital defense against infection and disease, as well as in the maintenance of our physical comfort, insect repellents play an invaluable role for our health and wellbeing. Skinature's promise is the effective protection of families and loved ones while respecting the delicate balance of nature.

In the development of our Bite Protection range we have striven for optimum physical defense against the perils of illness that work in harmony with the earth's dependence on insects and their importance in maintaining the botanical life cycle. Rather than protecting through killing insects Skinature incorporated nature's very own mechanism of defense using repellent essential oils from plants that naturally combat insect infestation for survival. 

Combined with effective formulary, these natural defensive oils deliver extended and truly effective peace of mind against attack for those we hold dear, ourselves and and your animals. 

The full range includes repellent protection as the primary line of defense, while Aftersun protection effectively soothes, treats and heals any compromised areas after attack or over exposure to the elements.

Lovingly gentle Bite Protection for infants and young children is additionally provided in the Skinature Tots range also available here.

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