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Intensive Care for Caring Hands

Skinature's Nurses handcream has been specially formulated in conjunction with our resident clinician Kirsten Dhar in response to growing clinical feedback citing a critical need for an effective healing and protective aid for the hands of medical and healing practitioners.
In a profession where the constant use of medical gloves and anti-bacterial washes are required as a necessary protective guard against infection this can lead to lasting irritation and sustained sensitivity.

Current options on the market only inadequately address the problem with formulations that, according to feedback, often exacerbate the condition due to synthetic ingredients or weighty formulations designed to lock in moisture but which also slow down the healing process by inhibiting the skin's ability to breathe.

Skinature's hydrating formulation targets the problem and provides a sustainable, health restoring solution with a high potency repair therapy powered by allantoin - harnessing its ability to break down keratin and speed up the regeneration process and Orange oil for it's anti-bacterial and tetanus-defense properties.

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