Discount Coupon


"Limited to one use per customer order. Codes are non-transferable without Puriskin's express permission.

Not valid with any other coupon or saving certificate.
Only one coupon may be applied to an item.

Coupon only valid/ redeemed when entered during the checkout process. Coupon is valid up until the expiration date specified.

Not valid for the purchase of gift certificates."

How can I find one?

Puriskin Discount Coupons are made available periodically on promotion.

When offered these are posted on the store offer section - or next to a product or product range with the current offer explained.

Did you know?

Puriskin can be contacted directly if you would like to request a discount coupon for a promotion.

For example: If you are responsible for corporate gifting, run hospitality or promotional services, or alternatively, if you work in a community, church or club environment and would like provide an incentive to get started with natural products.

The Puriskin team is available to discuss ideas and opportunities and we're delighted whenever we can set something up!!
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